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Luana, Production Operator


Luana Mariarita Savino is one of the production operators at the oil centre in Tempa Rossa.

What do you think about the current energy situation? 

Generally speaking, I believe we have to exploit both renewable and non-renewable energy sources, taking the utmost care of environmental aspects and the local territory, seeking to maximise the development of the social and economic fabric of the area and of the country as a whole. As far as oil in particular is concerned, the drop in oil prices has naturally destabilised economic markets, affecting international operators and enterprises involved in various ways in the sector. At the moment there appears to be a bit of uncertainty, although there are signs of a slight improvement.

What motivated you to work in the oil and energy sector?

I was born and raised in a region, Basilicata, and a city, Corleto Perticara, where oil has always been talked about. So I have always had an interest in the oil world, and sought to study and look for work in this specific sector. At university I studied Industrial Chemical Engineering, with a view to forging a career in this field.
I have always wanted to help my town and my region grow economically, as it deserves to, and to do so by putting into practice everything I have studied.

What opportunities have you had thanks to Total?

There have been many opportunities over the past three years thanks to Total. I think I have grown professionally thanks to being in contact with many different cultures. Training experiences overseas, such as that of Pointe-Noire in Congo, on an oil platform, have enabled me to raise my knowledge base from a personal as well as professional point of view. It was a great opportunity to see in person and on a daily basis a working environment that is so profoundly different yet so close in technical terms. Then there was the experience gained during the training sessions in France (Le Havre in Normandy, Feyzin Refinery in Lyon), which allowed me to appreciate the use of different approaches in different working contexts. Important, stimulating opportunities, shared with the whole group of operators.

How have you grown at Total?

The first contact with Total was a course held at the Rome head offices, in the HSE / Sustainable Development department, then in 2013 I began my diversified training programme with classroom sessions and practical experience. In 2015 my training was put on hold, At first I saw this as something negative however, I had the chance to act as Mechanical and Piping Quantity Surveyor and to follow work progress in the mechanical and piping parts. This was really important for my training, where new roles and new tasks gave me the opportunity to gain new experiences, to see work up close and be an actor in the construction phase, as I will be in the future in production.

Has anything exceeded your expectations working in Total?

Expectations are always high, and will continue to be in the future. I have noted that in a big multinational everyone has the chance to express their concerns or problems, in order to improve continuously at both a professional and personal level. More attention is paid to human resources, and you work in an environment where you can express yourself without fear and without problems. All of this gives you an understanding of the true meaning of diversity.

"Total offers many opportunities"

Short Resume



HSE / Sustainable Development stage (Rome)



“On Job Orientation” classroom training (Corleto P. in Italy, Lacq and Dunkerque in France); “On Job Training” at Feyzin Refinery (Lyon) and Le Havre



Training experience in Pointe-Noire (Congo)



Mechanical and Piping Quantity Surveyor


01/2017 to Present

Production Operator: preparation for Start-Up (start-up procedures alternating with periods of training)