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Our Commitment

Committed to better energy, over 98,000 employees help throughout the world to provide the Group’s customers with products and services that are safer, more affordable, cleaner, more efficient, more innovative and accessible to the greatest number of people.

Total puts Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the heart of its activities and conducts its operations according to the following principles of:

  • protecting the safety and security of people and its facilities;
  • limiting its environmental footprint;
  • ensuring that its Code of Conduct is applied in its sphere of operations;
  • incorporating the challenges of sustainable development in the exercise of its activities;
  • increasing its local operations by placing dialogue with its stakeholders at the heart of its policy and contributing to the economic and social development of the regions where the Group has operations with the objective of creating shared value;
  • promoting equal opportunities and fostering diversity and cultural mix among its personnel.

Our Projects

Our Partners

Welding expertise for the oil & gas industry

Total and Assoil School, in charge of organising this welders training project, gave to 38 young unemployed people from Basilicata the opportunity to learn and to train on this important expertise needed for the oil & gas industry.

38 young people have obtained a welder licence

The course, entirely financed by Total, was structured into 520 hours of training divided into theoretical sessions (80 hours), in welding labs (240 hours) and in the traineeship (200 hours). 38 young people have obtained a welder licence, 22 of them are resident in the territory of Corleto Perticara, 10 in the town of Gorgoglione and 6 in Guardia Perticara town.

A training to meet the needs of the oil & gas industry

"The opportunity we gave to unemployed people with this course meets the needs of the oil & gas industry that is always looking for skilled and trained people ready to work in international contexts."

Ing. Angelo Fasanella, MD E.T.S.

Sharing our technical expertise

We share our technical expertise with students of this master to allow them to take advantages from the international experience of the Total group and acquire professional skills investable in the worldwide oil & gas industry.

Geosciences focused Master’s degree

The Master’s degree includes all the disciplines that deal with Geosciences and are held in English using innovative software and seminars about the Lucan Apennines. The course is divided into five modules:

  • Introduction to Geosciences applied to hydrocarbons
  • Advanced Stratigraphy and sedimentology
  • Advanced Structural Geology
  • Oil Fields properties
  • Geology of deposits of hydrocarbons in Italy.

A Knowledge for work opportunities all over the world

"The Masters course has many innovative aspects: the courses will be given in English only, and a lot of time will be devoted to practical exercises through the use of innovative software. Lectures will be given by academics with documented scientific experience in the sector and by the technical experts of partner companies. The Masters course seeks to train experts in the sphere of “field development”, a segment of activity covering oilfield exploration and actual oil production. This higher education initiative, which will continue in years to come, is a fundamental tool offering immediate work opportunities all over the world." 

Prof. Fabrizio Agosta, of the department of Sciences of the University of Basilicata