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In line with the ambition of achieving Net Zero by 2050, TotalEnergies EP Italia has built with Pergemine the first fully electric RIG of the Company


An innovative solution to increase efficiency and production

The Dual Boosting ESP (Electric Submersible Pump) system is the selected solution to deliver 10,000 blpd (barrels of liquid per day, used in reference to total production of oil and water from a well) as production target rate for each well, considering the limited size of production casing, the high stresses and the corrosive environment from the oil characteristics. A Work-Over campaign started in 2016, with the objective to equip the six wells with new upper Dual ESP completion in anticipation of the first oil. During the year, significant improvements in running performances have already been observed thanks to the dedicated operation follow-up.

One system, multiple ways to work

The ESPs can be operated as a single, back-up system, or as dual boost system. For the first production years, the ESP will be used in back up mode, thanks to high reservoir pressure, and then subsequently with declining reservoir pressure, the dual boost system will be operated to reach the required flow. 
The system will have a data monitoring installation, controlled thru a dashboard, to allow the detection of potential early failure of the Dual ESP system during the idle period until production start-up.

Two designs for different casing size, in different wells

Tempa Rossa is an oil field within Gorgoglione Concession in the Basilicata region, Italy discovered in 1989. Lying more than 4,000 meters beneath the surface, the Tempa Rossa Oil field is planned to be produced with eight wells. One of them has a total depth of 7145m, and another well has a horizontal drain of about 600m. According to the casing size, two completion designs were created to deploy the dual boost system (type A for 9-5/8” production casing and type B for 7-5/8” casing).