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TotalEnergies Ambition

Energy is life. We all need it, for cooking, for traveling and for warming up. Energy is also a source of progress. Climate change today means a revolution. We need to reinvent energy, its consumption and how we use it. Becoming a Responsible Energy Company means providing better, cheaper, cleaner, more reliable and accessible energy to as many people as possible. Our ambition: to be a world-class player in the energy transition.


Be a world-class player in the energy transition

Energy is at the heart of one of the most daunting challenges of the 21st century: preserving our planet threatened by climate change. Our role as a broad company is therefore to continue to operate in accordance with the Paris Agreement, in order to achieve, together with society as a whole, carbon neutrality in all our global businesses by 2050.

Addressing the climate challenge

As an energy company, we are directly involved in climate change. To face it, the challenge is twofold: to produce more energy and fewer emissions. We must therefore sustainably promote the needs of a growing population by encouraging renewable and decarbonised energies, as well as the economical and rational use of fossil fuels.

Reinventing energy

Producing and supplying energy responsibly is an essential contribution to the sustainable development of the planet. Reinventing energy means promoting renewable and decarbonised energies, but also improving our energy efficiency and designing solutions for the storage of residual carbon.