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TotalEnergies in Italy

Our businesses in Italy span the energy sector and are involved in Exploration & Production, Refining & Chemicals, Marketing & Services, Specialty Chemicals, Gas and Power, and New Energies.

Exploration & Production

TotalEnergies EP Italia S.p.A. is the Italian branch operating in the exploration and production business line of the TotalEnergies. In the last 50 years the Company, through its branches, has been a partner or operator in over 300 research permits or cultivation concessions. TotalEnergies participated in the acquisition of 50,000 km of seismic lines and the drilling of approximately 500 wells, of which 200 as operator.

Tempa Rossa

Tempa Rossa is an oil field located in the Alta Valle del Sauro, in the heart of the Basilicata region, in southern Italy, and is the main activity of TotalEnergies EP Italia (operator with 50%), in partnership with Shell Italia E&P (25% ) and Mitsui E&P Italia (25%). Tempa Rossa extends mainly on the territory of the Municipality of Corleto Perticara (PZ), 4 km from which the treatment center was built. 5 of the 6 wells are also located in the territory of the Municipality of Corleto Perticara, while the sixth well is located in the Municipality of Gorgoglione. When fully operational, the plant has a daily production capacity of approximately 50,000 barrels of oil, 230,000 m³ of natural gas, 240 tons of LPG and 80 tons of sulfur. Tempa Rossa also extends to Taranto where the crude oil is sent via the existing Val d'Agri - Taranto oil pipeline, for storage and shipping by sea.

Marketing & Services

TotalEnergies Marketing Italia is the Marketing & Services division that operates in the activities of lubricants, racing and aviation gasoline, special fluids and solvents, electric recharging and LNG services.


Founded in 1988 as an independent company, AS24 is now a subsidiary of the TotalEnergies company. For over 30 years, AS24 has specialized in fuel distribution and service offering for transport professionals.

Refining & Chemicals

  • Hutchinson manufactures and sells in Rivoli (Turin) parts for the transfer of low and high pressure fluids for the automotive industry. In addition, through its subsidiary Gasket International, based in Milan, Hutchinson offers valve sealing elements for the automotive market.
  • The subsidiary Cray Valley Italia Srl is responsible for the production of hydroxylated polybutadiene on the Ravenna site and manages this site, which belongs to the European Space Agency.
  • TotalEnergies Petrochemicals is the company that produces and markets polymers - a raw material used in the manufacture of plastic items that can be found in many applications and in multiple sectors such as: the automotive industry, industrial and food packaging, construction and the medical sector. TotalEnergies Petrochemicals Italia works with all the stakeholders in the supply chain, including its customers, to face the dual challenge of the sector: producing more environmentally friendly polymers and managing the end of the life cycle of plastics, promoting the circular economy.

Gas, Renewable & Power

  • Greenflex joins the TotalEnergies "Carbon Neutrality Businesses" in 2017 within the Gas, Renewable & Power segment. Greenflex's Mission is to design and accelerate the implementation of solutions aimed at environmental and social excellence, in order to guide the clinetes in a transformation path towards a restorative model: the generative economy. Thanks to a unique multi-competence approach that combines consultancy, operational, digital and financial support, since 2009 Greenflex has supported more than 750 clients by helping them to integrate the creation of environmental and social value into their business.
  • The SunPower subsidiary (> 51%), a leader in innovation in the photovoltaic sector, markets solar modules. SunPower technology is able to provide a wide range of innovative applications for home, business and large-scale installations.
  • Finally, Saft, whose sole shareholder is the TotalEnergies Company, is the branch specialized in the development, manufacture and marketing of cells and batteries

Our Ambition

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Welding expertise for the oil & gas industry

Total and Assoil School, in charge of organising this welders training project, gave to 38 young unemployed people from Basilicata the opportunity to learn and to train on this important expertise needed for the oil & gas industry.

38 young people have obtained a welder licence

The course, entirely financed by Total, was structured into 520 hours of training divided into theoretical sessions (80 hours), in welding labs (240 hours) and in the traineeship (200 hours). 38 young people have obtained a welder licence, 22 of them are resident in the territory of Corleto Perticara, 10 in the town of Gorgoglione and 6 in Guardia Perticara town.

A training to meet the needs of the oil & gas industry

"The opportunity we gave to unemployed people with this course meets the needs of the oil & gas industry that is always looking for skilled and trained people ready to work in international contexts."

Ing. Angelo Fasanella, MD E.T.S.

Sharing our technical expertise

We share our technical expertise with students of this master to allow them to take advantages from the international experience of the Total group and acquire professional skills investable in the worldwide oil & gas industry.

Geosciences focused Master’s degree

The Master’s degree includes all the disciplines that deal with Geosciences and are held in English using innovative software and seminars about the Lucan Apennines. The course is divided into five modules:

  • Introduction to Geosciences applied to hydrocarbons
  • Advanced Stratigraphy and sedimentology
  • Advanced Structural Geology
  • Oil Fields properties
  • Geology of deposits of hydrocarbons in Italy.

A Knowledge for work opportunities all over the world

"The Masters course has many innovative aspects: the courses will be given in English only, and a lot of time will be devoted to practical exercises through the use of innovative software. Lectures will be given by academics with documented scientific experience in the sector and by the technical experts of partner companies. The Masters course seeks to train experts in the sphere of “field development”, a segment of activity covering oilfield exploration and actual oil production. This higher education initiative, which will continue in years to come, is a fundamental tool offering immediate work opportunities all over the world." 

Prof. Fabrizio Agosta, of the department of Sciences of the University of Basilicata

Our Commitment

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