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Attività in Italia



TotalEnergies EP Italia S.p.A. è la filiale italiana operante nel settore dell’Esplorazione e Produzione della Compagnia. Negli ultimi 50 anni TotalEnergies, attraverso le sue filiali, è stato partner o operatore in oltre 300 permessi di ricerca o concessioni di coltivazione. TotalEnergies ha partecipato all’acquisizione di 50.000 km di linee sismiche e alla perforazione di circa 500 pozzi, di cui 200 come operatore.




Joins the TotalEnergies "Carbon Neutrality Businesses" in 2017 within the Gas, Renewable & Power segment. Greenflex's Mission is to design and accelerate the implementation of solutions aimed at environmental and social excellence, in order to guide the clinetes in a transformation path towards a restorative model: the generative economy. Thanks to a unique multi-competence approach that combines consultancy, operational, digital and financial support, since 2009 Greenflex has supported more than 750 clients by helping them to integrate the creation of environmental and social value into their business.


Subsidiary (> 51%), a leader in innovation in the photovoltaic sector, markets solar modules. SunPower technology is able to provide a wide range of innovative applications for home, business and large-scale installations. 


Whose sole shareholder is the TotalEnergies Company, is the branch specialized in the development, manufacture and marketing of cells and batteries. 




TotalEnergies Marketing Italia è la divisione Marketing & Services che opera nelle attività di lubrificanti, benzine da competizione e aviazione, fluidi e solventi speciali, servizi di ricarica elettrica e GNL.




Manufactures and sells in Rivoli (Turin) parts for the transfer of low and high pressure fluids for the automotive industry. In addition, through its subsidiary Gasket International, based in Milan, Hutchinson offers valve sealing elements for the automotive market.

Company that produces and markets polymers. TotalEnergies Petrochemicals Italia works with all the stakeholders in the supply chain, including its customers, to face the dual challenge of the sector: producing more environmentally friendly polymers and managing the end of the life cycle of plastics, promoting the circular economy. 


Founded in 1988 as an independent company, AS24 is now a subsidiary of the TotalEnergies company. For over 30 years, AS24 has specialized in fuel distribution and service offering for transport professionals.


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