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TotalEnergies EP Italia is the Italian branch that operates in the Company’s Exploration and Production sector. Its activities are concentrated in Tempa Rossa oil field, located in Basilicata region. Tempa Rossa's daily production amounts to approximately 50,000 barrels, with an export of approximately 230,000 m³ of natural gas, 240 tons of LPG and 80 tons of sulfur. 

TEMPA ROSSA: Tempa Rossa is an oil plant located in the upper Sauro valley, in the heart of Basilicata region, in southern Italy and is the main activity of TotalEnergies EP Italia (operator with 50%), in partnership with Shell Italia E&P (25%) and Mitsui E&P Italia (25%). Tempa Rossa mainly extends over the territory of the Municipality of Corleto Perticara (PZ),  4 km from which the treatment center was built. Five of the six wells are also located in the municipality of Corleto Perticara, while the sixth well is located in the municipality of Gorgoglione. Tempa Rossa also extends to Taranto where the crude oil is sent, via the already existing Val d'Agri - Taranto oil pipeline, for storage and shipping by sea. 



With activity in six European countries, novenergia is an integral part of TOTAL EREN, a leading France-based Independent Power Producer (“IPP”) from renewable energy sources which develops, finances, invests in, builds and operates solar, wind, and hydro power plants over the long-term at a global level. On 25 July 2023, TotalEnergies acquires 100% of Total Eren after a 5-year period of strategic alliance and successes, making NOVENERGIA a wholly owned subsidiary of TotalEnergies. 

Greenflex became part of TotalEnergies' "Carbon Neutrality Businesses" in 2017. Its mission is to design and accelerate the implementation of solutions aimed at environmental and social excellence, in order to guide clients on a transformation journey towards a regenerative economy.

On the other hand, Saft Batteries is the subsidiary specialized in the development, production, and marketing of cells and batteries. 



TotalEnergies Marketing Italia, within the Marketing & Services division, is responsible for all sales and distribution activities of lubricants (for the automotive, industrial, and marine sectors), specialty fluids, competition fuels, LNG, and aviation fuels. 

ELF: For over 50 years, ELF lubricants have been synonymous with modernity and technology. The undeniable quality of ELF-branded products is particularly evident through partnerships with manufacturers and involvement in motor racing competitions. 



Hutchinson, based in Rivoli (Turin), manufactures and sells components for the transfer of fluids at low and high pressure for the automotive industry. Additionally, through its subsidiary Gasket International, based in Milan, it provides sealing elements for automotive valve applications. 

TotalEnergies Petrochemicals produces and markets polymers - a raw material used in the production of plastic articles. This subsidiary collaborates with all stakeholders in the supply chain, including its customers, to address the dual challenge of the industry: producing more environmentally-friendly polymers and managing the end-of-life cycle of plastic materials, promoting the circular economy. 


AS24, founded in 1988 as an independent company, is now a subsidiary of TotalEnergies. For over 35 years, it has specialized in fuel distribution and providing services to professional transporters.  


TotalEnergies Italia Servizi provides professional services to all Business Units in Italy as part of the One TotalEnergies One Country roadmap.