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Stakeholder & Advocacy


TotalEnergies' dialogue with its internal and external stakeholders is essential for the Company to conduct its business and operations responsibly. TotalEnergies aims to develop constructive and transparent relationships with them to better understand evolving trends and to take greater account of the main social expectations of each of the main categories of stakeholders. 


Transparency is an essential principle of action for TotalEnergies in order to build a relationship based on trust with its stakeholders and at the same time guarantee that the Company undertakes a path of constant improvement. Pending the adoption of a standardized international non-financial reporting framework, TotalEnergies is making every effort to report its performance based on the various commonly used ESG reporting frameworks. TotalEnergies has structured its dialogue processes with its stakeholders at different levels: through relays within the organization, requirements included in internal reference frameworks, the implementation of a methodology for conducting local dialogue and a focus dedicated to the professionalization of the responsible teams to facilitate this dialogue. These measures are intended to develop a long-term relationship of trust, based on principles of respect, attention, constructive dialogue, proactive commitment and transparency, consistent with the legitimate need for confidentiality. 


The One MAESTRO framework requires subsidiaries to conduct stakeholder mapping and engage in a structured and ongoing process of dialogue with stakeholders to keep them informed, listen to them and address their concerns and expectations, report mitigation actions or compensation, measure their satisfaction and identify ways in which branches can improve community outreach. 


Aware of its responsibility in all countries and territories in which it is present, TotalEnergies plays an active role in the public debate and carries out its advocacy efforts in accordance with the values set out in its Code of Conduct, which clearly states its ethical value.  

TotalEnergies promotes the following principles regarding the fight against climate change:  

1. TotalEnergies recognizes the scientific link between human activities and the use of fossil fuels and related climate change.  

2. TotalEnergies recognizes the Paris Agreement as an important step forward in the fight against global warming and supports the initiatives of implementing states to achieve the objectives of this agreement.  

3.TotalEnergies supports the implementation of carbon pricing.  

4.TotalEnergies supports policies, initiatives and technologies aimed at promoting the development of renewable energies and sustainable bioenergies as well as energies and/or technologies aimed at decarbonising industrial processes and transport.  

5.TotalEnergies promotes the role of natural gas as a "transition fuel" as a substitute for coal and promotes a policy of reducing greenhouse gas emissions using the best available technologies. 

 6.TotalEnergies supports the carbon compensation mechanisms necessary to achieve neutrality, through organized and certified markets that guarantee the quality and sustainability of carbon credits.