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We apply and comply with all national and international laws and standards in all countries that host our operations. We have made our values the beacons that guide our actions, day after day. 

TotalEnergies operates in a large number of countries with diverse and complex economic and socio-cultural environments. This situation can expose us to risks related to safety, health, the environment and ethics. For this reason, states and societies have particularly high expectations of our Company. 


Our business principles  

The values, reference standards and collective and individual principles are defined in the TotalEnergies Code of Conduct, which serves as a reference document. It is primarily intended for employees and managers, who are required to comply with it in all their daily activities. Development is intrinsically rooted in the trust and respect that exists between the Company and its employees and between the employees themselves. The Code of Conduct also defines commitments and expectations towards stakeholders, including shareholders, customers and suppliers, so that continued growth benefits all, while helping to drive economic and social development in all countries hosts. 


Security is the cornerstone of our operational efficiency, as we operate in an industry that can never be completely risk-free. Security is also the foundation of our collective commitment, a daily battle that we fight with humility and vigilance, to operate sustainably and establish relationships based on trust with our host countries. To achieve the goal of zero fatalities, we must improve our risk management, both at workstations and in our operations. When choosing our commercial and industrial partners we pay particular attention to their ability to apply a security policy equivalent to ours. 


To ensure exemplary behavior as a Company in all our host countries, we must be able to count on the integrity of each of our stakeholders. This is why we have developed rigorous compliance programs based on zero tolerance for fraud, corruption and non-compliance with competition law. These programs make use of risk analysis, dedicated policies and procedures, training and awareness programs on rules and best practices to assist in risk prevention, detection, analysis and feedback. 


As a Company we remain committed to our stakeholders to respect human rights wherever we operate. This includes rights at work, through compliance with the core conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO); the rights of local communities in the countries involved in our activities; ensure that the measures taken for the safety of our employees and our facilities do not impede the fundamental freedoms of members of local communities. In July 2016, we were the first oil and gas company to publish a human rights briefing. Based on the United Nations Guiding Principles Reporting Framework, it shows our current approach to embedding respect for human rights into our operations. 


We are committed to protecting the environment by monitoring the impact of our operations in all of our host countries. We promote efficient and responsible use of our energy sources and products. At the same time, we strive to protect people's health, be it our employees, our customers or local communities, by implementing awareness and prevention actions on various types of health risks. 


We are committed to ensuring rigorous transparency regarding the disclosure of revenues generated by our activities. We have supported the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) since its inception in 2002 with the goal of reporting Company payments to host country governments. We are particularly committed to this voluntary, multi-stakeholder initiative, as it offers a framework for dialogue for all parties involved, including governments, oil, gas and mining companies and civil society. In addition to our commitment to the EITI, we report payments made by the Company's mining companies to the benefit of each state or territory government in which TotalEnergies conducts its operations. 


Our ethics committee  

Since 2001, the Ethics Committee has been responsible for monitoring the application of our Code of Conduct and for supporting and advising TotalEnergies collaborators and interested parties.  

The Committee is available to answer any questions or requests for advice regarding the application or compliance with the Code of Conduct. Employees and interested parties can report any matter that poses serious ethical risks in areas such as corruption, fraud, anti-competitive practices, discrimination, harassment, workplace health, hygiene and safety and environmental protection.