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Health & Safety


Safety is more than a priority at TotalEnergies – it is a core value on which we will not compromise for any reason. Everyone who works at our sites must be able to return home safe and sound at the end of their workday. The Company has set a goal of “zero fatalities” and is aiming for ongoing reductions in the number of accidents. 


To prevent the occurrence of a major industrial accident such as an explosion, fire, hazardous or mass product leakage which could cause death, physical injury, pollution on a large scale or at an environmentally sensitive site, or serious damage to properties, we implement appropriate risk management policies and measures applicable to the assets managed. The HSE Major Risks Division provides support in implementing this policy. 


The Company has a policy for the prevention of occupational accidents, described in the One MAESTRO reference framework, which applies to all employees of subsidiaries and of contractors. TotalEnergies has defined rules and guidelines for HSE training: personal protective equipment and high-risk operations for Company employees and contractors working on sites managed by the Company. Furthermore, it also implements an incident analysis process, regardless of their nature or the actual or potential level of severity of the event. 


Our action plans to prevent fatalities are based on long-term work to continuously adapt and systematically implement our two programs: Our Lives First and the Golden Rules. This work is complemented by specific action plans resulting from investigations carried out when new events occur. 


The One MAESTRO framework, with regards to the prevention of health risks at work, requires the companies controlled by TotalEnergies to identify and evaluate risks in the workplace in the short, medium and long term. The analysis covers chemical, physical, biological, ergonomic and mental risks. This results in the introduction of an action plan: an Industrial Health correspondent is identified in the branches and tasked with implementing this policy. The activities are integrated into the HSE action plans of the institutions and can be monitored as part of the One MAESTRO audits. As part of its healthcare policy, TotalEnergies has implemented an employee mental health risk (MHR) prevention policy and introduced a global program to enable everyone to receive support, wherever they are in the world. The Company's integration of mental health is part of a broader framework linked to well-being and quality of life at work. 


Compliance with regulatory requirements is the main measure to limit risk throughout the life cycle of petroleum or chemical products marketed by TotalEnergies. Furthermore, the Company has defined minimum requirements to be observed to market its products with the aim of reducing potential risks to consumer health and the environment.