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Net Zero in 2050


Regarding greenhouse gas emissions, TotalEnergies is committed to lowering its carbon foot-print from energy production, processing and delivery to our customers. 


Although the speed of the transition will depend on the pace of change in government policies, consumer behaviors and corresponding demand, TotalEnergies has embraced the need to offer to its customers affordable, less carbon-intensive energy products, and to lend support to our partners and suppliers with their own low-carbon strategies. 

Drawing on the actions already taken to transform the energy offerings and reduce carbon emissions from our operations, in 2022 TotalEnergies published an outline of what our businesses might look like as we will become, by 2050, a carbon-neutral energy company  together with society.   


By 2050, TotalEnergies would produce:  



Oil and gas would represent about 10 Mt of residual emissions each year, with methane emissions practically eliminated (below 0.1 Mt CO2e / year); these emissions would be fully offset by projects using natural solutions (natural carbon sinks);  Scope 3 emissions amount to about 100 Mt per year. 

To get to Net Zero together with society, TotalEnergies would help “eliminate” the equivalent of Mt/year of Co2 generated by our customers by developing: