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Sustainab’ALL, a process of continuous improvement  

TotalEnergies has placed sustainable development in all its dimensions at the heart of its strategy, projects and operations, in order to contribute to achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which it joined in 2016. 

As part of its determination to strengthen its efforts in the segments in which it can act with most authority as an integrated multi-energy Company, TotalEnergies involves its employees in identifying the SDGs on which it can have the greatest impact, in connection with its ambition to reach carbon neutrality (Net Zero emissions) by 2050, together with society. Through workshops, more than 27,000 of them took part in 2022 in the development of 10 objectives and indicators related to the SDGs.  

From 2023, it is planned that each site, business unit and subsidiary of TotalEnergies around the world adopts a progress plan with targets to be achieved by 2025, and each plan to be based on actions directly linked to the local activities of the entity concerned, as close as possible to the field. These plans form the Sustainab’ALL program through which TotalEnergies materializes its contribution to sustainable development. 

TotalEnergies works actively on each of its sustainability pillars in order to make its development a vehicle for progress that benefits as many people as possible and to be a factor of positive change for the societies and regions in which it is present. 


TotalEnergies’s sustainable development approach is based on four areas:  

Climate and sustainable energy: leading the transformation of the energy model to contribute to the fight against climate change and meet the needs of populations. 

People's well-being: being a reference as an employer and responsible operator. TotalEnergies intends to promote a work environment that combines performance and conviviality, and to ensure compliance with human rights in the workplace, both within the Company and among its partners, as well as the safety and health of people. 

Care for the environment: to be exemplary in the management of the environment and the use of the planet's natural resources. TotalEnergies intends to ensure that the environmental impacts of all its operations are managed according to the Avoid-Reduce-Offset approach, thereby helping preserve the environment, biodiversity and fresh water resources. To this end, TotalEnergies promotes the circular economy. 

Creating value for society: generating shared prosperity across regions. TotalEnergies aims to be a creator and a driver of positive change for the communities in its host regions. 



Goals and Progress Indicators 

TotalEnergies manages its operations with the aim of working sustainably, actively, and positively in all the countries hosting its activities. TotalEnergies' approach to sustainable development is based on four areas: 


Leading the energy transformation to contribute to the fight against climate change and meet the needs of communities.


TotalEnergies aims to promote a work environment that combines performance and conviviality. It is committed to ensuring respect for human rights, both within the company and among its partners, as well as the safety and health of individuals 


Our company aims to set an example in protecting the planet and using its natural resources, following the Avoid - Reduce - Offset approach.

Generating shared prosperity and being a driver of positive change for communities and host countries.