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Environment Challenge


In 2022, the world adopted a global biodiversity framework, with quantified targets for Stsates to halt biodiversity decline by 2030.  

For a Company like TotalEnergies, taking care for the environment means developing its activities, including renewables, taking actions to protect biodiversity, paying attention to land use and making commitments to preserve forest areas. It means considering the issue of freshwater and therefore the preservation of water bodies in our upstream and downstream operation, being a player in the circularity, developing recovery channels for the waste from our sites and making a concrete contribution to the resource economy through production of circular polymers.  

The reporting initiatives and frameworks that are being set up, such as the Taskforce on Nature-related Fianncial Disclosures (TNDF), consider nature as whole, through a combination of four realms: land, oceans, freshwater and the atmosphere. For a Company like TotalEnergies, caring for the environmnet in our activities includes all these realms.


In 2016, the Company committed to contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including those related to biodiversity. Since 2018, TotalEnergies has been a signatory of the Act4Nature initiative promoted by the French Business Association for the Environment. 

In 2020, TotalEnergies set a new global ambition for biodiversity to align with the preparation of the United Nations Global Biodiversity Plan, updating its public commitments in this field. This ambition has been incorporated into the One MAESTRO, the Company’s Health Safety and Environment Management System Framework.  


Our ambition is based on four pillars: respecting of the exclusion zones and preservation of the biodiversity in our projects and on our existing sites. It is based on the Act4Nature International commitments we have made since 2018.  

Our approach is to concile the development of energy resources with the protection of biodiversity to build a sustainable future. In concrete, we implement environmental impact assestmants for all our projects, including for renewable energy projects, in all countries where we operate.  


To prevent accidental risks and, in particular, major spills that could reach the enevironment, TotalEnergies implements appropriate risk management polices.  


TotalEnergies implements a policy of avoiding, reducing and, where necessary, offsetting the footprint of its operations on the environment and on nature by setting up measures to protect environments (air, water, soil).  


We are actors of the circular economy through our production of biofuels, biogas and circular polymers. For biofuels, we have set an objective of increasing the share of circular feedstock (used cooking oil and animal fat) from 50% to more than 75% as from 2024. Biogas production relies primarily on agricultural waste. 

At our sites, promoting circular management of resources starts with responsible management of our waste.