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Commitment to Employees


Being a responsible player in the world of energy also means contributing to the well-being of people and in particular of our employees, being a point of reference as an employer. 


TotalEnergies, as a multi-energy company, intends to attract and retain the diverse talents that the Company needs. Faced with this challenge: -manages the workforce responsibly -maintains a responsible remuneration policy with the aim of guaranteeing external competitiveness and internal fairness and implementing Corporate Social Responsibility commitments. -works to expand employee share ownership and strengthen employees' sense of belonging to the Company, allowing them to benefit from their commitment. 


Maintaining employees’ long-term employability is one of the key social challenges of TotalEnergies and one of the key factors to ensure the success of the Company project. The Company has therefore decided to invest in skills development using a solid learning model and individual support adapted to the transformation and changes of business lines. 


To ensure a high level of engagement from its employees, the Company promotes the development of human resources based on mutual respect, on improving the quality of life in the workplace and promoting social dialogue. A TotalEnergies Care program was created in 2023 based on measures and commitments related to physical and mental health, social protection, the environment and ways of working and the family sphere. In addition to its efforts in this field, TotalEnergies promotes diversity, equal opportunities and an inclusive corporate culture, which allows every employee to express and develop their potential.