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Supply Chain


In accordance with its ambition to integrate all aspects of sustainable development at the heart of its strategy, projects and operations and to set a standard for its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), TotalEnergies implements a Sustainable Procurement Program.  

This program aims to ensure the integration of the Company's four pillars in its approach to sustainable development at the heart of its procurement processes.  

The four priorities of the sustainable procurement program are as follows: buyer awareness and training, supplier awareness and mobilization, integration into the purchasing process, supplier evaluation. The implementation of this program is monitored by the governing bodies of the Company and by a meeting of the Steering Committee at least once a year. 


TotalEnergies works with over 100,000 suppliers of goods and services worldwide, Company is implementing a responsible purchasing program which puts the four dimensions of its sustainability ambition at the heart of the purchasing process, thus encouraging suppliers and subcontractors themselves to improve their sustainability. 


TotalEnergies integrates climate issues into its procurement decisions, givent the potential risks to human rights and the environment. The Company pays special attention to the  origin, extraction and refining conditions and the use of certain minerals and raw materials; furthemore, it ensures that contractual conditions are negotiated fairly with its suppliers.